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gladiator deck class Empty gladiator deck class

Post by ! inferno_hero ! on Sun Dec 04, 2011 2:33 pm

what is a gladiator deck mainly about and how is ti used?
! inferno_hero !
! inferno_hero !
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gladiator deck class Empty Re: gladiator deck class

Post by UnknownLimit on Mon Dec 05, 2011 4:54 am

A gladiator deck is a deck that contains beast-type monsters in it. How it works? Well you can look at their effect. Every time a gladiator beast attacks or is attacked(and if it remains on the field) at the end of the battle phase you can return the gladiator beast(that attacked or was attacked) back to your deck in order to Special Summon 1 gladiator beast from your deck and then the gladiator beast effect is activated. It can either destroy 1 card from the field, it can either gain more attack or def and other effects. Also the gladiator beast fusion monsters are pretty good. You don't need polymorization(sorry if I wrote it wrong) to special summon them. You can just return them back to the deck(the fusion material monsters). Also at the end of the battle phase if it was attacked or attacked you can return it to your Extra Deck and can special summon gladiator beasts from your deck. The deck its something like attack(get attacked&survive)-return to deck-Special Summon-activate effect-and so on. The Gladiator Beasts before the synchro monsters were a very powerful deck. It was a tournament deck.
Well hope it helped.

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