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WWDA beginner's guide Empty WWDA beginner's guide

Post by ! inferno_hero ! on Sun Oct 30, 2011 12:55 pm

beginner's guide
heree i will tell you all you need to know on how to get through this site, and have fun while doing it! firt off, you wil need to learn the rules! to visit the rules,
click the following link: http://d-a-i.forumotion.com/n2-the-rulebook
the rule book contains all of the rules and basic information about the website.
because some of that stuff may be hard to understand, i have created this guide.

1. introduction
after you have read the rules, you will want to go to the introduction and tell people about yourself. no why, you ask, would i do this? it is so you can develop futher bonds with people youwill be sharing your drom with. intorductions can go here: http://d-a-i.forumotion.com/f4-wwda-introductions

2. testing
this is usully the hardest part of starting this acdemy. what is testing? testing is 3 consecutive duels with one deck against one of our testers. now, if you want to know who a tester on this academy is, go to chatbox, located on the home page, and ask anyone with an @ in front of their mane to test you. if there is no one with an @ in front of their name, then ask in the chatbox, if there are any testers online, and people will help you.

3. adjusting to your dorm
once you've been tested, you will be placed in one of three dorms. there is elite duelist, alpha blue, blazing yellow, burning red. once you've been notified which dorm you are in by your tester, create your own room in that particular dorm. there will be tournaments throughout the different dorms, so each dorm will be slight different.

4. discussion
you are all ste by the time you've gotten your dorm. now it is time to explore the site! first check out the discussion section. there are four forums in the discussion category. in yu-gi-oh related, you can talk about anything about yu-gi-oh. miscellaneous, is talking about anythnig beside yu-gi-oh as long as it stays appropriate. finally is literature. literature is a place where you can post your own creative stories!

5. duel coliseum
ther are two parts to the duel coliseum. there is the actual coliseum part, and there is the tournament section. in the coliseum section, you can extend challenges to any of your fellow duelists. in the tournament section, there are many tournaments that are held. yon can enter these by signing up in the threads.

6. points
worldwide duelist academy points, of WWDA points, for short are things that you earn through a number of things. to get points, you can win duels, sell decks, trade, win tournaments, and a lot more points help you buy decks, trade, reset to a higher doem, and much more!

7. the duel mall
in the duel mall, you can do numerous things! frist off, you can set up a deck shop. in order to do that, you have to list 8 decks that you are willing to sell for a range of 35 to 100 WWDA points. once you have a shop set up, you are ready to go!! there is also a deck exhibit where you can show off your deck to other people! in the trading center, you can trade real yugioh cards in real life with other members of the academy.

8. the team hq
in the team hq, you can create your own teams (maximum of 3 people) and duel in team tournaments and duels.

9.end of our tour
we hope you enjoyed our tour of worldwide duelist academy and we hope you stay active! if you have any questions, just comment below! thank you for taking the time to read this.
! inferno_hero !
! inferno_hero !
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